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  • Nortel (Meridian, NorStar) Business Phones Compatible Headsets

    Nortel (Meridian, NorStar) Business Phones Compatible Headsets

    OvisLink specially designed differnet call center headset models to use with Nortel Business Phones, (included Meridian, NorStar). There are single earpiece and two earpieces headset models. All of these models come with a RJ9 Quick Disconnect cord. These OvisLink Call Center Headset models are designed to be directly connected to Nortel (Meridian, NorStar) Business Phone's headset jack. No amplifier is needed. Headset volume can be controlled by the volume buttons on the phone's keypad. To activate or deactivate the headset connected with the phone, simply press the headset button on the telephone keypad. OvisLink Call Center headsets serivce with solid, crystal clear voice quality when use with Nortel Business Phones (included Meridian and NorStar).

    All OvisLink models are corded and come with Over-the-Head design. Each of OvisLink headset has two parts, the upper part (headpiece) and the lower part (cord that connects to phone). The upper part includes an earpiece (speaker), an adjustable headband, a microphone with flexible boom and an upper cord. The lower part is a Quick Disconnect cord that connects the headpiece to the telephone. Depend on the working envirnment and needs, customers may choose headset model with single earpiece or dual earpieces.

          OvisLink OVT-12 training adapter is designed for call centers' training purpose.

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      For Nortel / NorStar / Meridian Business Phones
      For Nortel / NorStar / Meridian Business Phones

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