• Warranty included: All OvisLink Headsets come with 2 Years Limited Warranty.
  • Orders confirmed by 2:00pm Pacific Time normally shipped on same business day.
  • Headset User Guide

    1. The headset is equipped with a Quick Disconnect cord to connect directly to the telephone’s headset jack. No driver, amplifier or dialer is needed to operate.

    2. To use the headset, insert the connector into the headset port of a compatible telephone.

    3. Adjust the length of the headband and turn the earpieces slightly until the headset fits comfortably.

    4. On models with only one earpiece, position the T-bar above your ear.

    5. To optimize the position of the microphone, adjust the microphone rod in either direction so the microphone is close to the corner of your mouth.

    6. Attach the clothing clip at a comfortable level to keep the headset properly positioned and free form the cord’s weight.

    7. If you are having trouble with the audio/microphone for your headset, or you cannot hear a dial tone, please visit www.OvisLink.com for compatibility information with your telephone.

    For more information, please contact support@ovislink.com.

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