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  • Dial Pad Telephone for Telemarketers and Call Centers

    Dial Pad Telephone for Telemarketers and Call Centers
    Item# OVDP161

    This is a dial pad telephone for call center and telemarketer. It is simple to use and premium voice quality to users who on the phone all-days.

    The dial pad telephone’s keypad design is perfectly fit with regular hand size. Simple key layout makes dialing phone numbers simple and easy, no miss dial. Although it is small in size, the dial pad phone firmly stays on the desk, will not move when dialing the keys.

    Use with OvisLink call center headsets, this telephone services user with super clear voice quality and without any humming sounds, nor static noise.

    This dial pad telephone is an analog telephone that can be connected with regular phone line and VoIP adapter.

    Package included:

  • One dial pad telephone

  • One telephone cord

    *** The telephone does not come with handset. It must be used with OvisLink headset. *** Comes with 2 Years Warranty.

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