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  • Avaya Callmaster Telephone Console Headset, Dual ear

    Avaya Callmaster Telephone Console Headset, Dual ear
    Item# OVHS084-CMC

    Avaya Callmaster Telephone Console Headset, Dual ear

      The OvisLink Dual Ear Call Center Headset model OVHS084-CMC comes with a RJ9 Quick Disconnect cord. It is designed to be directly connected to Avaya Callmaster Telephone Console headset jack. No amplifier is needed. Headset volume can be controlled use the volume buttons on the phone's keypad. To activate or deactivate the headset connected with the phone, simply press the headset button on the telephone keypad. OvisLink Call Center headsets serivce with solid, crystal clear voice quality when use with following Avaya AVAYA CALLMASTER Telephone Console. (*** May need to assign one of the feature keys to be the headset on/off button. Please refer to Callmaster telephone console's user manual or contact the Callmaster vendor.

    The OvisLink OVHS084-CMC is a corded call center headset with Over-the-Head design. It has two earpieces to cover both ears, helps user more focus on phone conversation. The headset comes with two parts, the upper part (headpiece) and the lower part (cord connect to phone). The upper part includes two earpieces (speakers), an adjustable headband, a microphone with rotatable and flexible boom and the upper cord. The lower part is a Quick Disconnect cord with RJ9 connector that connects the headpiece to the telephone. With the Quick Disconnect design, user can easily disconnect the headpiece from the lower cord when needs to walk away from the desk.

    OvisLink Call Center Headsets' key features include Acoustic Shock Protection (when the electric overcharge signal of 6v or above comes to the receiver, it will be cut off automatically), Noise Cancelation, lightweight, leatherette ear cushion, flexible microphone boom, adjustable headband and Tangle-Free coiled Quick Disconnect cord. OvisLink Call Center Headsets are designed for users who work in call centers, service centers or sales departments and talk long hours on the phone. OvisLink Call Center Headsets service users with solid, superior clear sound quality. With the Over-the-Head design, lightweight, leatherette ear cushions, user may wear it long hours and feel comfortable.


    • Noise-Canceling microphone
    • Built-in Acoustic Shock Protection, to prevent electric overload
    • Soft, leatherette ear cushion
    • Rotatable, flexible microphone boom
    • Headpiece has 2 earpieces to cover both ears
    • Click-Stop adjustable headband and boom
    • RF-Shield
    • Durability
    • Comes with RJ9 Quick Disconnect cord
    • Compatible with AVAYA (Lucent) CALLMASTER Telephone Console.

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