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  • Avaya Digital and IP Deskphone Headsets

    Avaya Digital and IP Deskphone Headsets

    Avaya has many differnet Telephone phone models. Different models may use different headsets. Although most of Avaya telephone models have RJ9 headset jack, configuration inside can be different. Use a wrong headset model for Avalay telephone you may not be able to hear dial tone from the headset or not able to get the MIC on the headset working.

    OvisLink specially designed differnet call center headset models to use with different Avaya Desktop phones. There headset models included single earpiece, two earpieces. All these headset models come with RJ9 Quick Disconnect cords. These OvisLink Call Center Headset models are designed to be directly connected to Avaya Desktop phone's headset jack. No amplifier is needed. Headset volume can be controlled by the volume buttons on the phone's keypad. To activate or deactivate the headset connected with the phone, simply press the headset button on the telephone keypad. OvisLink Call Center headsets serivce with solid, crystal clear voice quality when use with Avaya Desktop phones.

          OvisLink OVT-12 training adapter is designed for call centers' training purpose.

      Models                             Description

      For following Avaya Models: 1100 Series IP Deskphones
      1200 Series IP Deskphones   /   1400 Series Digital Deskphones
      2000 Series IP Deskphones   /   3900 Series Digital Deskphones
      7000 Series Digital Deskphones   /   9400 Series Digital Deskphones
      9500 Series Digital Deskphones   /   Meridian

      For following Avaya Models:
      1600 Series IP Deskphones   /   9600 Series IP Deskphones
      *** Update: The above two headset models' speaker volume has been adjusted. Please click at the product to see details.

      For: Avaya (Lucent) Callmaster Console

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